Your Acussage Appointment

ACUSSAGE (“aaa-­kew­-sahj”) is the very relaxing and rejuvenating combination of
Acupuncture and Massage. Massage will be done before and after the needling to enhance the
effect of the acupuncture treatment, and also promote a calm, peaceful sensation throughout the
therapeutic session.

MTS Becky AcuJust as if you were coming in for a regular Acupuncture session (see description for Acupuncture 
services for  more information), you will arrive and be offered tea, and you will be asked to fill out paperwork on your first visit. Then you would have some discussion with Becky before she
determines the treatment plan and commences the session.

ACUSSAGE sessions will last 75 minutes, from the time you arrive and fill out your paperwork (if a first visit) to the time you are off the table and paying for your session. Just as with a regular Acupuncture session, you will be on the treatment table, and you will be draped under a flannel sheet, on a warm table. You will receive light therapeutic, Swedish-style massage before and
after needling. A front-body or back-body treatment (or both) will be determined after discussion with Becky.

ACUSSAGE is slightly different than a regular Acupuncture session. It is more targeted at general relaxation of the mind and body. It is great for mild anxiety/ depression, chronic fatigue, immune boosting, chronic arthritis, and general aches and pains.

***(If you are experiencing any acute illness, it is advised to get a regular Acupuncture session so that the issue can be more fully and directly addressed.)***



Acussage ~ Single Session or Package of 5

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